Very kind producer, good quality materials and very good finishings. Patient and professional, Smita is a really lovely person – Lara
The Owl Print Mei Tai is simply amazing!! The broad comfortable corduroy shoulder straps, the soft bright owl print back and very very reasonable pricing makes it a steal!! Loving it and looking forward to more such cute prints from Smita – Garima
Best experience ever! Ordered a carrier from miles away and it was love at first sight! The mei tai fits perfectly with both my 28 months old and 4 months old. We are loving it! – Nur


I recently purchased a Cuddle n Care Ikat Mei Tai. Its so light and airy, apt for the summers. The fabric is sturdy and it’s getting softer with use. I have been using it everyday since I purchased it. The best part about Mei Tai is how snug and close my baby feels. I missed that when I used a SSC. Front carry in this Mei Tai feels really weightless. The shoulder padding is just right and provides good support. Another thing I like is that it fits into the diaper bag, pretty compact.

The customer care is great. Smita works with you before the purchase to understand what you need. The support extends beyond the purchase, which helped me in getting more comfortable in using it. Loving the cuddles with my LO. Keep it up CnC – Reshma



Hands down the best customer service you will find. Smita is incredibly hands on from the very beginning and will talk you through all your options, clarify any questions you have and offer help and support even after your purchase. It’s not often that you build a relationship with people and companies you buy from, and it’s a testament to how much babywearing means to her to help and encourage her clients with their respective BW journeys.

Add to that the fact that you get a completely customized product at an affordable and competitive price, what’s not to love? I got a beautiful adjustable Ikat Mei Tai made, and both my husband and I use it very frequently. It’s lightweight, breathable and easy to wear without overwhelmingly long tails that makes it perfect for our hot and humid weather. And most of all, my son is a fan. Thank you Smita! – Gayathri


Best experience ever! Ordered a carrier from miles away and it was love at first sight! The mei tai fits perfectly with both my 28 months old and 4 months old. We are loving it! – Nur


I got to try three Cuddle n Care Mei Tais on and off over 3-4 months. First of all, have to say – I appreciated the variety Smita sent over, not just in terms of prints & size, but also in terms of function. Some with hoods, some with padding, some reversible etc – gave me a very good idea of what kinds of customization would make sense for a mei tai.

Coming to the carrier itself: I really liked the padding which was soft but supportive all around – and the best part was, despite the padding, the mei tai was still small enough to fold into my regular diaper bag. I hear the straps of C&C used to be thinner, but I found the size of these perfect for me. Aesthetically, I really liked that the carrier didn’t have a huge logo on it, it let the prints truly shine.

This was exactly what I needed as Hyderabad became hotter & my daughter grew heavier! Love the supportiveness, and the lightness of the CnC Mei Tais. I was also impressed that they fit equally well on a really young 3mo, my 9mo, and a friend’s 2+ yo… this is definitely a long term investment 🙂 – Akshaya



Tried the adjustable and reversible Mei Tai from Cuddle n Care and loved it a lot. You can actually adjust the panel and make it tiny to fit a new born and make it large for an older baby or toddler. i loved the light padding on the shoulders and how the straps cupped my shoulders.

I loved the quality, colours, fabric and the supportiveness of the carrier! definitely recommend as a one size fits all carrier.

pictures in comments! – Aloka



Finally I do – after a year of actually buying my Mei Tai. Am not a review person  and however much I liked this-  Writing it down – actually took so long. Blame it – on … The Cat? 😛

So here it goes. When I bought the Mei Tai- it was a customised 2 sided one and- it was comparatively very very huge ( in comparison to other Indian Brands Available and that i did use before this. ) The shoulder straps were pleated. Now – I didn’t like this part- but hubby Loved it.. coz- it fit his frame perfect. My problem with pleats and frills – I just don’t like it- it’s just an idiosyncrasy that I have. So There !

And since it was DH who wore the baby more… well- what suits him… am fine with that!! Who is complaining anyway?

This Mei Tai being bought a year back was much before the adjustable ones Smita has come up with now.  Loved these new ones even more. The Ikats are cute. Especially The Pink Ikat which we got to review.

Having Said that- We hosted our first ever Cuddle n Care Meet in Hyderabad a couple of months. We got to try many many types of carriers that they have come up with. DH especially tried the adjustable SSC. Must say- its a one size fits All.

A bub above 6 m to my now Toddler- It was snug for  all. In fact – mine doesn’t like to be carried anymore- SO I basically ‘borrow’ babies to be worn! Its so much fun.

Loved the cloth Smita used for the SSC – Perfect cotton for our Indian Summers ! Light Weight and Airy.  Nevertheless, they are sturdy and the Cute lil bum fits so Snug!!.. Oh ! So  Kissable. In fact, you’ll know what I mean when you see the M and the curve that comes after wearing this one.!  We are not really Social Media Picture Friendly Family – else I could’ve shown some pics.. but yes- We are on net -wearing this- with some baby – on one of the baby wearing meets’ group pic – So- if keen, just search. !!* *wink Wink**

About areas of Improvement : A parent after wearing  loved it so much that she refused  to let the baby down. But also suggested that the adjusters are too complicated. So- it would be helpful if CnC posts a video on the adjustable SSCs so that all the pulls and the knots are vouched for once the SSC is out for sale.

So if you are looking for Budget Friendly Baby Wearing Solutions- CnC is to look out for !

Am waiting for CnC to come up with more vibrant colours- especially the same material – (she has loads of ikats) so – suggesting more of her- wraps and Ring Sling conversions that can be used as SSC… Am sure all would Love it.

I now have plenty of time to wait for wearing a baby till my next one comes– until then.. 😛 ..hoping Smita and team continues giving us some more to try.

Happy Baby Wearing – Zoya



I purchased the cuddle and care MT for my twins just a week before I had to fly to Delhi. Twins were just 3  mo that time. Smita Jain Lunawat personally explained how to wear it. My hubby instantly fell in love to wear his dd.

The travel to and from Delhi was a cakewalk with twins. As we didn’t have any addition for al help; just me and my hubby.

The MT were a rescue to sooth my cranky dd in Delhi’s scorching heat. I love to wear my bubs whenever I go out as it is huge relief to have ur hands free, be comfortable and so close to lo.

My babies are now 8 mo, and I love wearing them especially my boy who gets excited the moment I take MT out of cupboard.

Thanks Smita for personally explaining how to use MT when another seller could have just couriered it instead of spending time teaching us the lovely art of baby wearing  Kanveet


Ok ….I have neck sprain from yesterday  N my son wanted to b carried all the time yesterday …I cud successfully carry him  in CnC Mei Tai without feeling the pain in my neck…I felt good N complimented myself for buying CnC Mei Tai….first I tot I’ll  use SSC but since it’s hot N humid in Mumbai I decided Mei Tai ….cuddle n care Mei Tai rocks!!!!…. – Prapti
CnC is my first baby wear. Initially wasn’t getting a hang of it but Smita helped me to wear my baby properly. Thank u Cuddle n Care, I wear my baby confidently. My Mei Tai is very comfy and bright. It is definitely a head turner. Thank u CnC and Smita – Dhanashree
I won an Owl print Mei Tai in a giveaway and been in love with it from day one. Its a basic Mei Tai with no padding but you don’t miss the padding coz its very comfortable without it too. Since no padding it’s not bulky at all. Best thing. Its the lightest carrier ever. Pretty Soft, fits snug and absolutely comfortable. Gets softer and softer with use. Can be folded very neatly in a square, comes with a cute little cloth bag which is what i love about it. And oh the colours, lovely bright yellow owl print on one side and military green on the other. So daddy loves it too.
Smita deserves a special section in review for genuine helpfulness. She knows everything and she will tell you all about it too, she will suggest you what carrier to get according to your needs, how to use it and everything there is to know about baby wearing. She would gladly share everything you need to know in the first place including all minor details you didn’t even realise you needed to know about baby wearing and carriers and will still happily answer all your queries after that. She is not there to sell stuff like others instead she is there to genuinely help people and spread baby wearing love. You would know it in each and every word of hers if you ever talked to her. Please keep making lively carriers and helping people. Thank you so much – Mitalee
Using Mei Tai has made carrying my baby so easy. I am in love with it. I take my baby to malls, parks, carnivals zoo everywhere without any fuss – Anvita
Got a adjustable Mei Tai as part of the travelling baby carrier program. And it’s lovely! – Vidya


Last week baby wasn’t well and got really cranky in evening.. Picked the cuddle and care handwoven ikat ring sling to calm him and he slept within 5 minutes.. Wore him like this for 20 minutes then transferred to bed.

He otherwise gets more cranky in a ring sling as he is superrrr active but he seems to like this one.

He is 15 mo, 76 cms and 10.kgs – Manisha


Lovely .. I am a very happy owner of Cuddle n Care Ring Sling.. If u are skeptical like I was before buying .. My answer is don’t !! Don’t think !! Just buy.. Smita and cuddle n care are the best i feel 🙂 ikat cotton ring sling i have is so breathable and comfortable it has become indispensable during our outings and cranky times.. I seriously see the ring sling now as a member of our family cuz she will be carrying my son along with me :):) keep doing what you are doing Smita !! Loads and love and respect for replying patiently to all my queries .. Looking for a cuddle n care full buckle to join our family soon !!  – Priya
CnC is my first baby wear. Initially wasn’t getting a hang of it but Smita helped me to wear my baby properly. Thank u Cuddle n Care, I wear my baby confidently. My Mei Tai is very comfy and bright. It is definitely a head turner. Thank u CnC and Smita. – Dhanashree
I was looking for an SSC when my baby was 6m old and I got CnC carrier, that was just perfect to be used. Now my bub is 1year and still it’s so comfortable and most favourite carrier of ours. Without any second thoughts, we can give it a try that these carriers are so comfortable. When I wanted to try a wrap, Smita was so kind to respond to me immediately. Looking forward for good times with these beauties. – Valli
The carriers are practical and priced reasonably… love the fabrics… I own her Ikat Flexi Meh Dai.. aqua roses jacquard wrap.. Ikat ring sling and Ikat Standard SSC.. happy babywearer – Ganga
It was the CNC owl MT that caught my eye and that is when i got in touch with Smita. 10/10 for customer service and support. Appreciate the kind of variety available in the mei tie to suit the taste of different people.. The newly launched wraps and SSC are equally good! And the best part is all the products are so reasonably priced making it affordable for everyone. – Prachi
Bought a beautiful jacquard Ring Sling. Soft fabric n easy to use. Smita Lunawat was super supportive n available to help anytime. Her passion for baby wearing reflects in her creative carriers. – Supriya
We got our customised Mei Tai from CnC somewhere in the end of September, that was when our baby was just turning 2 months. Smita helped a great deal in understanding and getting used to it. Initially baby was very reluctant in being worn, but now when he is 6 months he sits in it very peacefully and even sleeps in it, he is happy of being snuggled close to us and we are delighted on having our hands free.. Thank you CnC and thank you Smita.. u are a sweetheart and that’s what our carrier is also turning out to be.. 🙂 – Supriya
I, for a long time, kept questioning Smita about her Mei Tai before I bought one from her. She was very polite and kind and helped me understand how her mei tai is going to be very useful for me and my baby. And when I placed the order, she was quick to deliver the carrier. I received the carrier the very next day. She often called me and assured that I know how to wear the mei tai. I really appreciate her care in making me follow safety while wearing my baby. She always encourages me to contact her whenever I have something to get clarified from her. And the experience of wearing my baby in Cuddle n Care mei tai is really wonderful that I can’t just express the happiness and satisfaction in just a few words. I feel happy that I chose to buy Cuddle n Care mei tai. It has helped me bond with my baby even when I was physically tired and weak. I take this opportunity to thank Smita 🙂 – Pratharathi


I have been using the Cuddle n Care Mei Tai since few months. I wasn’t a Mei Tai fan before that but it made me fall in love with them. And now i cannot surviving without it. It’s one of my favourite carriers. I mostly use the SSC with my toddler now. I am also very very fond of wrapping so it works like a middle path between the two keeping it snug and convenient.

Delhi summers are super horrible but cuddle n care MT is really light n breathable yet very supportive for my tall and heavy toddler. I have been using it extensively in this sweaty weather and my kid loves it and creates no fuss in it. I have never noticed her uncomfortable in it. That definitely makes it our summer goto carrier.

It’s almost weightless and folds up so conveniently in my handbag. I needn’t carry it in my hand or a separate bag. It’s not difficult to wear outside as the straps aren’t that huge or overwhelming.

The biggest selling point for me are the super cute colourful catchy designs. One side for parent  and one side for baby thats how i see it. I love Smita’s choice. Its too catchy and adorable!

I love the size. It’s neither huge nor small. It’s one size yet a very comfortable size for everyone. By clinching the base you can start using it from the newborn stage and cuddle n care claims it can be used till your baby is 4 years old. Wow

I have cervical and back issues. I have never felt any strain as it provides good back support.

The material is super soft and we usually go diaper free in it. My baby loves it. Baby happy mommy happy. I have even used it when she had rashes and she was very comfortable.

Its very decently priced. Everyone can afford it easily.

Customer service is awesome. Smita talks to you in detail and notes down your preferences and customises it accordingly. Once the carrier reaches you she makes sure you get the hang of it. She stays constantly in touch and does not vanish after the product is sold. I love that she is so passionate about babywearing and making sure you get it right. – Shef