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Make-up Pouch (Assorted Prints)


This makeup case is a great solution to organise and store all your make-up articles. This organiser is hand-made using beautiful cloth, allows you to roll-up your lip-stick, eyeliner, brushes or bindi in a stylish way and protect them from damage and wear. It comes in in a well coordinated combination of exterior & interior fabric patterns.

When unfolded, all your make-up and other cosmetic tools are seen and easily accessible. This pouch doesn’t take up much space due to its roll-up shape. The protective flap to the incise of this case to make sure that your brushes do not stain your bags or other belongings. It’s also an awesome gift idea for someone who needs his kit, always ready and handy.

It is easy to close by rolling up and tying up with the string.. no zippers, no hooks!

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  • Crayon wallet is designed in such a way that the crayons are tucked in nicely, which means no more fishing around the bottom of your bag for lost crayons.
  • Girls, Women, Make-up Artists
  • Roll-up Make-up Pouch -Different Prints


  • Cotton Fabric.


  • Wash them by hand, use mild detergents and drying away from direct sunlight will ensure that they retain the colors and go soft as you use it.
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