Our Story

Smita is a mother of two children and a dress designer by profession. Motherhood changed her course of life into this wonderful journey of connecting with mothers and families, allowing her with an opportunity to create a new path for herself – making the Baby Carriers!

It all began when she became a second time mother and was encouraged to carry and keep her baby to close by her Lactation Consultant and a close friend Effath Yasmin since the baby had frequent reflux and this was making it almost impossible to care for her first child and her family’s needs. She also reasoned that since Smita had no free hands to care for both this can interrupt her breastfeeding relationship which often ends up prematurely; like it did, for her first child.

Yasmin introduced Smita to the world of slings and even handed over her own crudely made Mei Tie and encouraged her to use her expertise of being a designer to improvise, design and create one that could match the needs.

It didn’t take long for Smita to come up with one & she could start using it, to wear her little boy, with much ease.  Along with some curious eyes and appreciation, it was just matter of some time that before she had  her very first of the clients!

Her professional background in cloth designing and production helped her work on and create the ergonomically designed and patterned, baby carrier. This experience turned out to be a fascinating journey for her.

Smita also felt that all mothers needed to get a breather and therefore she put her professional designer skills into making cloth slings. She insisted to  use cotton & natural fabrics and finds herself go to any lengths to explore and procure softer fabrics comfort for babies and toddlers.

After learning of and experiencing the joys and benefits of baby wearing, Smita decided to pass the miracle of this beautiful practice to other moms and caregivers again supported and deeply encouraged by her LC friend all through her journey. And this is how her third baby – ‘Cuddle n Care’ was born!

Today Cuddle n Care has come a long way since its early days in 2011 when Smita started by supporting the needs of the mothers with custom-made baby carriers. She has since then constantly worked on her designs to create more comfortable and affordable baby-carriers.

Smita’s past experience with cloth making wherein she managed the production & design side of cloth making helped her work on the finer aspects of design & custom making for her baby carriers. She feels it’s important for her as a maker, to support the constantly evolving needs of the wearers.

She feels that caregivers have different needs hence there is a need to support that by providing customised solutions to suit the requirement of the parent/ caregiver and  the baby.  She also tries to ensure that she could personally support & guide the caregivers on what solution would suit their needs and how to make the most of their baby wearing journey. This personal touch is indeed a USP of Cuddle n Care.

Smita is a Certified Baby wearing consultant and feels that she fortunate that she could bring immense satisfaction and comfort to many a babies and their families.

She has been a breast feeding mother, believes in co-sleeping & attachment parenting.

Passionate about cooking she would take every opportunity to learn and prepare the new dishes, she would discover  & like it. Pickles and ‘Chutneys’ are her weakness. She could try them out at any hour of the day!

Smita makes sure that she takes time out and do a bit of stitching, thread-work and hand-work. She’s making her first of the crochet dolls to gift that to her little one!

Welcome and have a peek into the world of baby wearing, first of its kind in India!